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Rural development policy seeks to establish a coherent and sustainable framework for the future of rural areas. There is a three main objectives of rural development:

  • To create a stronger agricultural and forestry sector, the latter recognised for the first time as an integral part of the rural development policy;
  • To improve the competitiveness of rural areas;
  • To maintain the environment and preserve rural heritage.


Green Network of Vojvodina supports local communities, civil society, to business and individuals in sustainable and rural development:

  • Educates and help communities in building public spaces - GNV is licensed for program for revitalization of public spaces by Project for Public Spaces from New York, USA (Placemaking)
  • Promotes and leads programs for establishing greenways - GNV coordinated with project for development Ggreenways "Via Pacis Pannoniae" between cities Sombor, Serbia and Osijek, Croatia; and "Pannonian White Stork Greenway" next to the Tamis river
  • Educates for rural development and sustainable production and consumption

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