The Vozar Family `Bio-Farm`

The Vozar Family `Bio-Farm`
The Vozar Family `Bio-Farm` The Vozar Family `Bio-Farm` The Vozar Family `Bio-Farm` The Vozar Family `Bio-Farm` The Vozar Family `Bio-Farm`

Porodica Vozar
M. Kardelisa 24,
Kisač, Serbia



Land: 20 ha.

Organic serification house: SGS.

The Vozar family are well-known for their varieties of species of organic vegetables, especially the ones that are most important in the human diet. They always have many sorts and varieties of lettuce - from the ordinary ones, such as the leaf lettuce and  head lettuce but also the lettuce of high nutritional value rich in naturally coloured matter (brown, red and purple), to different varieties of escariol lettuces and leafy radicchio, especially head varieties, purple in colour. Their selection of vegetables includes all varieties of brassica, broccoli being especially important, then zucchini, onion, Swiss chard, spinach and the fact that so many vegetables are grown in one year points to the fact that the intensive vegetable growers' rotation rule is followed, which is at the same time the basis of organic agriculture.

The Vozar family's market stands always have a new species of vegetables or spices or medicinal herbs from their "Winter Bio-garden" programme. The Vozars have shown readiness to continuously learn, indirectly but also on their numerous experimental lots of land. They convey this knowledge to students, other growers and to their numerous customers who come to their property wishing to hear the Vozars' experience and their knowledge of organic production. Also, the Vozars very often advise their buyers on how to prepare their vegetables.

Their vegetables stand out, not only at My Farm Market, but also in the My Farm Grocery, and on the stands of Novi Sad green markets and selected supermarkets. Theirs are exemplary stands on how to market organic food: the vegetables are divided and packaged according to the requirements of the species and are very attractively arranged.

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