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Banat Stewardship Exhange. An Exchange Program between Central Europe and North America

2011-02-14 14:11:02 | Kategorija: Biodiversity Conservation

Cooperation on this program with Quebec Labrador Foundation - Atlantic center for Environment (QLF) last since 2004 with support of Rockefeller Brothers Fund. QLF foster stewardship of natural and cultural heritage through an international exchange activity linking community-based initiatives in the northeastern U.S., eastern Canada, and Central Europe. This program aims to strengthen the capacity of communities and local institutions in these regions to understand, maintain, and promote their cultural heritage in ways that support local and regional identity, cultural diversity, economic development, and civic engagement.

QLF was working in cooperation with GNV in Banat region to conduct this program, designed to create opportunities for dialogue and mutual exchange of ideas and innovations among North American and Central European counterparts. Through this exchange QLF and GNV seek to enable local institutions in Banat region to be more effective in reaching out to communities, promoting awareness, and engaging local citizens in stewardship of their cultural heritage.

The Exchange helps to create and support ongoing trans-Atlantic and regional partnerships and collaboration among individuals, institutions and communities, particularly those working in rural areas where opportunities for international exchange are limited.

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