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Environmental Protection and Improvement Issues Legal Advisory

2011-02-14 14:16:51 | Kategorija: Biodiversity Conservation

Project aimed at mapping the problems from the field of environmental protection and improvement issues, in the name of future cooperation and legal advisory help for the NGO activists. Novi Sad Women's Centre and Green Network of Vojvodina are organized a round table with an active engagement of eight representatives of NGOs from the territory of Vovjodina. During that discussion possible legal solutions were discussed for the problems which NGO activist came across their work, as well as a particular problem of an ecological catastrophe. Based on the information gathered during the round table discussion on the issues current frequent, noticed by the environmental activists, media and governmental bodies in charge were informed. Environmental Protection and Improvement Issues Legal Advisory, REC, Sent Andreja, Mađarska, partner project with Novi Sad Womens' Centre, Novi Sad held in Hotel Vojvodina in Novi Sad from 8th to 9th November (Marija Harangozo, Dusko Medic).

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