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  • Environmental Protection and Improvement Issues Legal Advisory

    14. 02. 2011. | Biodiversity Conservation
    Project aimed at mapping the problems from the field of environmental protection and improvement issues, in the name of future cooperation and legal advisory help for the NGO activists. Novi Sad Women's Centre and Green Network of Vojvodina are organized a round table with an active engagement of eight representatives of NGOs from the territory of Vovjodina. During that discussion possible legal solutions were discussed for the problems which NGO activist came across their work, as well as a particular problem of an ecological catastrophe. Based on the information gathered during the round table discussion on the issues current frequent, noticed by the environmental activists, media and governmental bodies in charge were informed.

  • Banat Stewardship Exhange. An Exchange Program between Central Europe and North America

    14. 02. 2011. | Biodiversity Conservation
    Cooperation on this program with Quebec Labrador Foundation - Atlantic center for Environment (QLF) last since 2004 with support of Rockefeller Brothers Fund. QLF foster stewardship of natural and cultural heritage through an international exchange activity linking community-based initiatives in the northeastern U.S., eastern Canada, and Central Europe. This program aims to strengthen the capacity of communities and local institutions in these regions to understand, maintain, and promote their cultural heritage in ways that support local and regional identity, cultural diversity, economic development, and civic engagement.

  • “Rebuilding Community through Public Spaces"

    14. 02. 2011. | Rural Development
    The results of the project can be seen in promotion of the placemaking process on four workshops, as well as transfer knowledge from developed placemaking methodology from the PPS to GNV. Working on the promotion of placemaking has helped the Green Network of Vojvodina to be invited to placemaking workshops in a number of places and from a number of organizations/institutions in Serbia: Belo Blato, a village near a natural reservation in Banat (invite from the Secretariat for the Protection of Environment and Sustainable Development, Executive Council of Vojvodina, and Belo Blato Local Community), Zlatibor (a mountain resort in Serbia), Vrnjačka Banja (the biggest spa resort in Serbia), Kuršumlijska Banja (one of the least developed municipalities in Serbia). The workshops held on Zlatibor Mountain and in Vrnjačka Banja were financed by USAID-SEDP.

  • Project “Bio-garden of old Varieties and populations of vegetables"

    14. 02. 2011. | Sustainable Agriculture
    March-October 2006. The organic garden was established at a surface of 1 hectare, with the assistance of Prof. dr Branke Lazić together with experts of the Scientific Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops. The aim of the garden was not only to produce organic vegetables, but also to preserve old tomato, onion and green paper varieties. The farm was often visited by bikers, while their products were in great demand at the “My Salas" Market. The Institute provided old seeds at no cost.

  • Project of Crossborder cooperation and reconciliation Osijek - Sombor

    14. 02. 2011. | Rural Development

    October 2005 - October 2006. Follow up activity of the Via Pacis Pannoniae project was taking part in the partnership project Subgrant5 - Project of Reconciliation and Cooperation of Osijek and Sombor.

    The project focused on cooperation of the cities of Sombor (Serbia) and Osijek (Croatia), while in its lime light was setting up of a 78 km long biking path.


  • Oppening of Farmers` Market “My Farm"

    14. 02. 2011. | Sustainable Agriculture
    On May 24, 2004, in cooperation with Project for Public Spaces (PPS, non-profit organization from New York) and Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation - CEPF (Czech Republic), GNV organized workshop “Good Agricultural Practice Market - Part of Public Space" in Novi Sad. The Farmers` Market of Good Agricultural Practice “My Salash" emerged from the meeting as a means not only for farmers in the region to sell their products, but also to increase city dwellers€™ connection with the dwindling rural population.

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